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Pop-Up Monster 


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Pop-Up Monster 

Written By: Shelby Arnold 

Do you like pop-ups? Interested in how they work? You're in the right place! 

I am a professional paper engineer (those are just fancy words for "pop-up designer"), and I 
work in Robert Sabuda's studio ( http://www. ) , where we design children's 
pop-up books (among other things). We love teaching people how to make pop-ups of their 
own! For more templates and instructions about making pop-ups, check out the Make Your 
Own Pop-Ups section on Robert's website. 

Step 1 — Pop-Up Monster 

• You will need a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 
inch 110 1b card stock or other 
heavy paper, some scissors, a 
marker or pencil, and decorating 

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Pop-Up Monster 

Step 2 

• Take a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card 
stock and fold it in half. 

Step 3 

• Draw a line (about 45 degrees) 
from the folded edge to the middle 
of the page 

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Pop-Up Monster 

Step 4 

• Cut along the line with scissors. 

Step 5 

• Fold the point towards you and crease it well. 

• Fold it backwards along the same fold and crease well. 

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Pop-Up Monster 

Step 6 

• Fold the very tip of the point forwards and backwards. 

Step 7 




• Open the card and push the main 
point forward as you close the 

• This is called a V-fold, because the 
folds are at an angle from the 
middle fold of the card. 

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Pop-Up Monster 

Step 8 

• The card should look like this when 
it's closed. 

Step 9 

• Open the card slightly and push the 
creased tip downwards and 
inwards. You now have a big v-fold 
with a little v-fold on top. 

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Pop-Up Monster 

Step 10 

• Close the card and draw two short 
parallel lines, about 3/4 inches 
long, in the middle of the folded 

Step 11 

• Cut along the lines with scissors, 
through all four layers of the card. 

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Pop-Up Monster 

Step 12 

• Fold the tab backwards and 
forwards at the ends of the cuts. 
Make sure the new fold is parallel 
to the v-fold's edge. 

• Repeat on the other tab on the 
opposite side of the card. 

Step 13 

• Open the card and push the tab on the right side inwards as you re-close the card. 

• Repeat on the other side. 

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Pop-Up Monster 

Step 14 

• You now have layer folds coming off of your main v-fold - eyes for your creature! 

• Your monster is now ready to decorate in any way you choose! 

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